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Beats Not Blades

What the project offers:

Beats not Blades has been funded by The Home Office & The Princes Trust. The aim of the project is to raise awareness and tackle the increase in knife crime offences across England and Wales through the medium of music. Learners consolidate the information they are given about knife crime into meaningful song lyrics written by the learners which are then performed, recorded and uploaded to this website.  


We specialise in using music to inspire people to think positively about their future, become more confident, better communicators and more motivated to achieve their dreams. The music aspect helps build confidence and self esteem in a creative way by taking young people out of their comfort zone. 

Beats Not Blades workshops will engage learners and teach students the lasting consequences of youth violence and knife crime. The workshops are informative and have a creative element - encouraging students to write meaningful song lyrics about knife crime and knife crime prevention. The one day workshop comprises of several elements. Students will be able to -

  • Take Part in a fun, creative and informative workshop.

  • Learn to write, perform, record & produce a song that will be featured on the project website. 

  • Work in teams to develop communication & increase motivation.

  • Gain an improved insight into knife crime and the surrounding facts and statistics. 

  • The law and the legal consequences of carrying a knife. 

  • Use role play and activities as a way to explore the lasting impact on families and the wider community. 

  • Experienced & down-to-earth tutors.

  • Work with professional musicians. 

  • Access to website featuring all recorded songs. 

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